Identify behavior trends, patterns and insights from your own conversational data to build the highest performing bots.

Conversation Data Analyzer

Ingest raw conversational data in any format (e.g. IVR, live chat, contact forms, Zendesk, email transcripts, call center transcripts) to uncover hidden insights such as top automatable use cases and a breakdown of conversations by topic using DashbotML.

Conversation Blueprinting

See a breakdown of your customer conversations by top topics, subtopics, related topics, as well as identifying user patterns and trends to pinpoint common behaviors that can be automated using conversational AI.

Build a Bot

We provide you with all of the resources to deploy Conversational AI including mined intents, training data sets, user journey blueprints, and an exported intent model to accelerate Conversational AI deployment on any NLP engine provider of your choice.

See the real conversation.