Improving Chatbot Customer Experience: Concentrix's Success Story with Dashbot

Leveraging Conversational AI to drive customer satisfaction

Concentrix is a leading global provider of customer experience (CX) solutions and technology, improving business performance for some of the world’s best brands.


Concentrix, a global leader in digital customer experience, partnered with Dashbot to optimize chatbot performance for a brick-and-mortar retail client seeking to improve satisfaction on their e-commerce channel. Dashbot's advanced analytics and reporting capabilities enabled a process for delivering continuous improvement that achieved faster resolution times and increased CSAT scores linked with chatbot support.

"The partnership with Dashbot has been instrumental in supporting our remarkable improvements in our self-service performance and customer journey optimization."

— Jenny Burr, Speech Science & Analytics

Key Metrics

  • Significant increase in task completion rates
  • Reduction in average handling time per customer interaction
  • Improved customer satisfaction scores
  • Cost savings through streamlined optimization and improved efficiencies

The Challenge

Concentrix could not measure chatbot performance on complex user flows related to order status, returns and exchanges, and questions related to loyalty programs and gift registries. They needed a scalable solution to identify where customers were escalating and why at scale. Concentrix also required help to quickly review transcript data for specific intents, which was crucial to understanding customer flows in detail.

The Solution

Dashbot enabled Concentrix with insights into bot health, performance, and accuracy. Flows and goals provided visibility into specific parts of the user journey where optimization was needed, enabling Concentrix to focus its efforts efficiently. Additionally, Dashbot's Optimize module delivered insights into intent effectiveness, allowing the team to map and refine their NLP engine quickly. These capabilities were the foundation for a continuous improvement program for automated self-service.

The Results

The implementation of Dashbot resulted in significant improvements to bot performance: 

  • Improved Bot Performance: Concentrix generated insights into bot health, performance, and accuracy. These insights allowed them to prioritize chatbot improvements and quickly pinpoint transcripts for review, significantly increasing task completion rates.
  • Streamlined Operations: Dashbot's advanced analytics and reporting capabilities enabled Concentrix to streamline its operations. They consistently reported on NLP engine accuracy across the program, incorporated training phrases across bots, and developed an effective continuous improvement program to refine their NLP engines.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Concentrix transformed raw conversational data into a blueprint for chatbot design. These updates resulted in more effective bots, a more streamlined customer journey, and improved customer satisfaction scores.

The partnership with Dashbot has supported Concentrix's remarkable improvements in bot performance and customer journey optimization.

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