Dashbot Documentation

Welcome to the documentation for Dashbot!

Integrating Dashbot into your chat bot or voice skill is quick and easy.

Select the option on the left that best matches your environment.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to email us at

Supported Platforms

We natively support Facebook, Alexa, Google, Slack, Google, Kik, and Twitter, and have a generic API for any other conversational interface.

Please refer to the specific platform documentation for integration instructions.

If the platform is not listed, select the Generic integration, which supports any conversational interface.

Bot Frameworks

We support integrations with several popular bot frameworks, including Botkit and Microsoft Bot Framework.

Bot / Skill Building Tools

We also support easy integrations with several bot and skill building tools, like Chatfuel, Smartloop, and Dexter. See the Builder section for more details.

If there is a platform, framework, or building tool that you think we should support, please feel free to contact us!