Genesys Integration

Below are instructions for connecting Genesys and Dashbot.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Configuring Genesys PureCloud for Dashbot

Enable Permissions

Login to PureCloud with Admin permissions and go to the Admin page

Under People & Permissions go to Roles / Permissions.

Add a Role with the following permissions:

  • Analytics > conversationDetail > All Permissions
  • Conversation > All Permissions
  • Recording > Recording > All Permissions

Name the role something unique and note for later.

Enable OAuth

Return to the Admin Page, and click OAuth under Integrations.

Add a Client

  • Name the App something unique
  • Select the Client Credentials radio button
  • Go to the Roles tab and assign the Master Admin role to the client credentials.
  • Accept the Agreement

After creating the OAuth Client, note the Client ID and Client Secret to be used below.


Configuring Dashbot for PureCloud Integration

Register a new chatbot

Register a new chatbot and select PureCloud as the platform.

Connect PureCloud

  • Once the chatbot is registered, click Edit Settings and click on the Connect Bot to PureCloud button.
  • Specify the OAuth Client ID and Client Secret created in the steps above.
  • Click Add

Please note, it may take 5 to 10 minutes to see initial data coming in.


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