Facebook Codeless Integration

This is the simplest way to integrate your Facebook bot with Dashbot.

If you are using a bot creation platform (e.g. Chatfuel, PullString, Dexter, Octane, etc) this method works great as well.

Overview Video

View step by step instructions in the video below.

Step 1: Add a Bot on Dashbot

Create a bot to get an API key.

page image

Step 2: Log into Facebook and Authenticate Dashbot

In order for Dashbot to see your conversations, you’ll need to give us permission.

You need to have admin access to your Facebook bot.

page image

Step 3: Connect to your Facebook Page

Choose the Facebook Page that is connected to your Bot.

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You’re all set. Go to Dashbot and look at your conversations!

If you send your bot a message, you will see it immediately in Firehose and Live Transcripts.

Past conversations will not be loaded. If you want analysis of past data, contact us.