Live Person Takeover Integration


Dashbot enables Live Person Takeover of bots to insert a real person into a session stream, improving engagement and increasing conversions.

When viewing a live session from the Transcripts report, you can send messages as if they are coming from the bot.

In order to take over the session, you need to pause the bot, otherwise the bot will continue to respond to subsequent messages from the user.

Create a Webhook

The first step is to create a webhook for your bot that handles pausing the bot.

Facebook Messenger Pause Webhook

Your webhook will recieve two fields in the body:

  • userId
    • the facebook user id of the session to pause
  • paused
    • true = pause the bot
    • false = unpause the bot

While the details of the implementation may vary, at a high level, your webhook should keep track of which user sessions are paused. Whenever a new message is received, check if the session is paused for that user, and if so, stop the bot from responding.


This is basic example that maintains state in memory. For a more robust solution, save the state in a database or other persistent memory store.

const pausedUsers = {}'/pause', jsonParser, (req, res) => {
const { paused, userId } = req.body
pausedUsers[userId] = paused

And then, check the status after receiving a message:'/webhook/', jsonParser, (req, res) => {
if (req.body.entry){
req.body.entry.forEach((entry) => {
if (entry.messaging) {
entry.messaging.forEach((event) => {
const recipientId =;
if (!pausedUsers[recipientId]) {
// handle message if session is not paused for this userId

Add the Webhook URL to your Account

Go to your Account page and select ‘edit’ next to the bot you want to add a pause webhook to.

Enter the URL in the field and click ‘save’.

All requests to your webhook will be signed with the Dashbot Secret Key, if provided.

Try it out

Start a new session with your bot and open the session from the Live Transcripts report.

Click the ‘pause’ button to stop the bot from responding.

Type a message in the form. The message will be sent as if coming from the bot.

Try typing a message to the bot as a user. The bot should not respond after the pause button has been selected.

Click ‘unpause’ to unpause the bot and return it to normal functionality.

Now if you type a message to the bot as a user, the bot should respond.