Tracking Custom User Metadata

You can send any custom user metadata to build detailed audience segments.

Custom user metadata can be sent for both incoming and outgoing messages.

Examples of metadata that you might send:

  • Your own User ID
    • Store your User ID in userStorage.dashbotUser.userId
  • Experiment Group, for A/B Testing
  • Favorite Book
  • Location

To send Custom User MetaData

Note: if you are using the @assistant/conversation and integrating with dashbot through a fulfilment webhook handler, please refer to the Custom User Metadata section in Google Assistant Conversation

For Google dashbotUser should be set in the userStorage parameter which should be stringify’ed JSON (outgoing example)

"dashbot_timestamp": 1528632520763,
"request_body": {
"originalRequest": {
"message": {
"speech": "This is the speech",
"data": {
"google": {
"expect_user_response": true,
"userStorage": "{\"dashbotUser\": {\"userId\":\"USER123\",\"favoriteBook\":\"Harry Potter\"}}"