Slack Integration with NPM

Create a bot API key

Each bot needs its own API key for tracking.

Create a bot to get an API key.

Install Dashbot via NPM

npm install --save dashbot

Include Dashbot

Use the API key created above.

const dashbot = require('dashbot')(process.env.DASHBOT_API_KEY).slack;

When you first connect, tell dashbot and save the bot and team locally

request('' + process.env.SLACK_BOT_TOKEN, (error, response) => {
const parsedData = JSON.parse(response.body);
// Tell Dashbot when you connect.
const bot = parsedData.self;
const team =;

When you receive a message on the websocket, tell Dashbot — passing bot, team, and message

connection.on('message', (message) => {
const parsedMessage = JSON.parse(message.utf8Data);
// Tell Dashbot when a message arrives
dashbot.logIncoming(bot, team, parsedMessage);

When you send a reply on the websocket, tell Dashbot — passing bot, team, and reply

const reply = {
type: 'message',
text: 'You are right when you say: ' + parsedMessage.text,
// Tell Dashbot about your response
dashbot.logOutgoing(bot, team, reply);


See a complete example.