Universal Broadcast Integration


Dashbot allows you to broadcast a message to your users for any Universal integration. We requested, Dashbot will broadcast a message to the webhook configured in your bot settings.

Sending a Broadcast

To send messages as your bot, you must provide a webhook to Dashbot. It is up to you to properly handle the webhook payload and send the right message to the right user.

Create a Webhook

Your webhook will receive four fields in the body:

  • userId
    • the user id to message
  • apiKey
    • the Dashbot API key — to let you know which of your bots to use
  • text
    • the text to send (that you entered in the text box)
  • messageJson
    • the JSON of the message to send (if you entered JSON) — or, if you entered text only, text will be in here as well.

The exact details of how you implement your webhook are up to you, but at a high level, with the data in this payload, you should have everyting you need to send the message to the right user or conversation.

Add the Webhook URL to your Account

Go to your Account page and select ‘edit’ next to the bot you want to add a send webhook to.

Enter the URL in the field and click ‘save’.

All requests to your webhook will be signed with the Dashbot Secret Key, if provided.

Try it out

Go to the “Broadcasts” section for your bot on Dashbot — from there, you may create a new broadcast campaign and send a campaign to the selected segment of users. In order to create a segment, you will need to use Dashbot Audience Builder.