Commerce Chat Bots

Dashbot enables deep insights into Commerce chatbots to increase conversions, reduce abandonment, and segment users for retargeting 

  • Increase conversions and monetization
  • Reduce drop-off and abandonment
  • Identify unhandled and mis-handled user Intents
  • Segment and retarget users through broadcast messages

Increase Conversions and Monetization

Understand how users interact

Identify drop-off and abandonment

Improve conversion paths

Identify Unhandled and Mishandled Messages

Save time manually poring through messages and transcripts.

With phrase clustering, you can quickly see where your NLP is breaking down through unhandled and mishandled messages. 

Identify new user Intents to support and additional training phrases by viewing mishandled and unhandled messages.

Segment you Audience

Identify top user segments and behaviors

Acquire similar users through look-a-like audiences

Re-engage user segments

Retarget Through Broadcast Messaging

Re-engage users through audience segmentation and targeted broadcast messaging. 

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