Optimize Customer Service Response Effectiveness

Dashbot enables deep insights into Customer Service chatbots to improve response effectiveness, increase user satisfaction, and reduce costs 

  • Improve chatbot responses 
  • Identify unhandled and mis-handled user Intents
  • Increase user satisfaction
  • Reduce escalations and increase containment
  • Get real-time notifications to insert live agents
  • Works on human-to-human chat too! 

Optimize Response Effectiveness to Reduce Costs

Improve chatbot effectiveness to increase containment and reduce number of live agents

Save time poring through messages and transcripts

Identify Unhandled and Mishandled Messages

Save time manually poring through messages and transcripts.

With phrase clustering, you can quickly see where your Natural Language Processing (NLP) is breaking down through unhandled and mishandled messages.

Identify new user Intents to support and additional training phrases by viewing mishandled and unhandled messages.

Increase User Satisfaction

Monitor escalations and containment

Improve NLP response effectiveness to provide a better user experience

Real-time Alerts and Live Agent Takeover

Get real-time alerts of sessions going awry, and insert a live agent to help lead users to successful outcomes

Dashbot APIs integrate with 3rd party live agent, chat platforms.

Supports Human-to-Human Chat

Our phrase clustering and analytics works not only on customer service chatbots, but on human-to-human communication, which is perfect for customer service situations.

Dashbot APIs integrate with 3rd party live agent chat platforms. 

Build a Chatbot from User Transcripts

Do you have live agent logs or transcripts?

Send them to us, and we can run them through our Phrase Clustering algorithm to identify common Intents and train your NLP engine. 

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