Actionable Google Home Analytics

Increase user engagement, retention, and monetization through actionable conversational analytics for your Google Assistant Actions.

Messages Processed

Understand Intents

Examine utterances and understand how users interact with your Google Action

Compare Performance

Compare usage across voice platforms and other Google Actions

Build a Better Action

Improve AI response effectiveness and conversational flow through Google Assistant analytics

Engagement, Retention, Demographics and more!

Dashbot’s Google Home Analytics help you better understand the users of your Google Assistant Actions 

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Intents and NLP

With Dashbot Google Home Analytics, see how utterances are mapping to Intents

Understand how users communicate and identify new use cases

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Interaction Flows

Navigate Google Home Action interaction flows based on Intents and Utterances

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Live Transcripts

View Google Home transcripts in real time with additional NLP meta data

See all the Intents, Actions, and Contexts associated with the utterances in your Google Action

Everything is archived!

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Multimodal Support

Support for Google Assistant screens

View rich messages including SSML, images, cards, lists, and more.

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Behavior Flows

View the full paths of users

Quickly identify drop off and abandonment as well as conversions in your Google Action

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Goal Funnels

Track steps and conversions and see how many users are making it through the pipeline in your Google Action

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Cross Channel Reports

Have both Alexa Skills and Google Actions?

Compare metrics across channel platforms

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Industry Benchmarking

See how your Google Actions compare to the industry based on interaction, user count, and retention

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Easy to Integrate

Simply add two or three lines of code to your Google Assistant Action.

We integrate with Google Firebase, DialogFlow, Actions SDK, and more.

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