Innovation Teams

Dashbot enables Innovation Teams experimenting with chatbots and voice skills to gain deep insights into user behavior, compare channels, and monitor KPIs 

  • Understand user behavior in conversational interfaces
  • Increase user engagement
  • Track Key Performance Indicators
  • Benchmark and compare chatbots and voice skills
  • Build the case for business unit adoption

Understand User Behavior in Conversational Interfaces

Understand how users interact via conversation

Identify and monitor top messages, utterances, and Intents

Monitor and improve user paths to conversion and reduce abandonment

Increase User Engagement

Identify where the chatbot or voice skill is breaking down through unhandled messages, utterances, or Intents 

Identify new use cases to support through users’ responses and by viewing mishandled and unhandled messages.

Benchmark and Compare across Channels and Industry

Compare your chatbots and voice skills across channels

Benchmark against the industry

Multi User Access

Share insights with your innovation team through multi-user access

Premium SLAs and Data Compliance

Dashbot’s Innovation plan includes premium Service Level Agreements (SLA) and data compliance for corporate innovation teams.

Dashbot is GDPR compliant

Our Investors

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