Phrase Clustering

Dashbot Phrase Clustering enables better understanding of users’ Intents and behaviors to improve response effectiveness

  • View similarly clustered raw messages
  • Identify unhandled and mis-handled Intents
  • Improve response effectiveness
  • Works on human-to-human chat too! 

Phrase Clustering Benefits

Cluster Similar Messages

View similar clustered messages to better understand users’ Intents, interests, and behaviors, even when an NLP engine is not being used.

Identify Unhandled Messages

With phrase clustering you can quickly see where your NLP is breaking down. 

Viewing the clusters of unhandled messages can help you identify new user Intents to support.

Identify Mishandled Messages

See how similar messages map to Intents.

Do all the phrases in the cluster map to the same Intent? 

Supports Human-to-Human Chat

Our phrase clustering works not only on chatbots and voice skills, but human-to-human communication, which is perfect for customer service situations.

Improve Response Effectiveness

Identify areas where the chatbot, skill, or NLP is breaking down through phrase clustering, and improve the response effectiveness for a better overall user experience.

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