Dashbot for Startups

Dashbot enables Startups to increase engagement and monetization through actionable insights.

  • Understand user behavior in conversational interfaces
  • Increase user engagement
  • Track Key Performance Indicators

Understand User Behavior in Conversational Interfaces

Understand how users interact via conversation

Identify and monitor top messages, utterances, and Intents

Monitor and improve user paths to conversion and reduce abandonment

Increase User Engagement

Identify where the chatbot or voice skill is breaking down through unhandled messages, utterances, or Intents 

Identify new use cases to support through users’ responses and by viewing mishandled and unhandled messages.

Track KPIs

Monitor Key Performance Indicators

Iterate chatbot or voice skill development to increase success

Fully Upgradeable

Upgrade at any point in time to Dashbot’s premium plans

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