Actionable Analytics for Google Multimodal Apps

Increase user engagement, acquisition, and monetization through actionable analytics.

Now supporting the Google Assistant, including Google Home, Google Allo, and Google Pixel.

Google Multimodal Analytics

View Google Apps Multimodal responses, including Carousels, Lists, Cards, and Chips.

Toggle your view between surfaces – Phone and Google Home.

Learn how your users interact with your App to build a better user experience

View sample reports

List Views

View List Views

See all the rich media content associated with list views

Live Transcripts

View transcripts with additional meta data for the Google Assistant

See all the Intents, Actions, and Contexts associated with the messages


View Intent metrics and understand which messages map to which intent.

View sample reports

Message Funnels

Navigate conversational flows based on Intent

View sample reports

Comparison Metrics

See how your App compares to the industry based on messages and user counts

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Easy to Integrate​

Integration is easy – send us a copy of every incoming and outgoing message and we will handle the rest.

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