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  • For individual developers experimenting with chatbots and voice skills.


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  • For enterprises building customer service or commerce chatbots who need additional customizations, SLAs, exporting capabilities, and multi-user accounts

Plan Comparisons

Free Plan Growth Enterprise
Conversational Analytics
Top Messages and Utterances
Exit messages
Live Transcripts
Archived Transcripts limited
Transcript Search $
add on
Sentiment Analysis
Word Clouds
NLP Optimization
Top NLP Intents
Top Intent Entities $
add on
Unhandled Messages / Fallbacks $
add on
Phrase Clustering / NLP Optimization $
add on
NLP Model Assessments $
add on
Engagement & Retention
Cohort retention (daily, weekly, monthly)
Engagement (sessions/user, time/session, messages/session)
Users & Sessions (active, engaged, returning)
Lifetime users
Top user profiles
Location, language, timezone, gender
User Behavior
Message, Intent, utterance funnels
Behavior flows
Conversation Paths
Funnels $
add on
Goal Tracking $
add on
Containment / Escalation $
add on
User Satisfaction (CSAT/NPS) $
add on
Custom Events $
add on
Comparison Metrics
Cross channel metrics $
add on
Industry Benchmarking (users, messages, retention) $
add on
Tools to Take Action
Alerts $
add on
Live Person Takeover $
add on
Broadcast messaging $
add on
Audience Segmentation Builder $
add on
Multi-user accounts
CSV Export $
add on
Export API
Custom Reports & Meta data
SLA / Support Self-serve
& email
& email
User Accounts 1 1+ 10+
Chatbots / Skills 3 3+ 10+
Message Volume 1M 1M+ 2M+
Data Accessibility 1 month 3 months Unlimited
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Additional Info

Please contact us for information around additional user accounts or message volumes, access to historical data, or other customizations.

Are you an Agency or Chatbot Platform?

Dashbot has additional partnership options for agencies and chatbot platforms, including co-branding and multi-client access. 

Please contact us to learn more about our agency offerings.

Looking to Build a Chatbot?

Are you looking to build a chatbot and have historical user transcripts from live agent chats or IVR?

Dashbot can help kick start development by identifying common themes and Intents through our Phrase Clustering, which can be used to train your NLP engine. Learn more here.

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