Data CloudTM

Dashbot’s Conversational Data Cloud is a conversational AI platform with a state of the art ML solution that automates your conversational data processing with a data-first strategy, optimizes your NLP data model, and accelerates innovation for customer and employee centric conversational data initiatives that drive business growth.  

Level 1

Leverage a Data-first strategy

Build a data-first (vs. data-end) foundation to explore the depths of your data to discover signals. Blueprint your text from any data source: everything from your bot traffic data and NLP data model to social media comments, product reviews, and service contact center transcripts. The result? Automatically processed data and signals as personalized training data for your bots and NLP model.

Level 2

Accelerate your innovation via ML2 approach

What is ML2?  Hyperfocus on your NLP model and Next Best Actions from Dashbot’s advanced ML to increase precision & productivity.  By optimizing your NLP model and automating manual processes, your data scientists have more time to focus on innovation initiatives and your customers will save their time when your bot hits the mark on your customer’s intent.

Level 3

Drive connected experiences

Simplify the management of all your bots, tools, and data for a single view of your data, with only 3 lines of code. Dashbot’s business user-friendly experience brings together technical and business teams to collaborate and create human-focused experiences driven by data. Unlock your data for limitless possibilities in conversational AI.


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