Measure the health of your chatbots related to fallback, purchase/conversion, escalations/failures, engagement, retention, or CSAT/NPS.

Customizable Dashboards

Integrate all of your conversational data into one place and create infinitely customizable dashboards where learnings can be viewed & shared across your entire organization. Our customizable dashboards and out-of-the-box reports track chatbot performance over time, monitor success KPIs, and instantly alert you whenever a particular metric or KPI underperforms.

Health of the Bot

At a glance, easily understand all of the metrics that define success for your bot initiatives by benchmarking and monitoring the success of your bots with easy-to-interpret reports. Monitor changes over time to understand where the chatbot is improving vs where it may be underperforming, and easily prioritize improvement projects with reports that identify factors for underperformance.

Conversational User Journeys

Filter down to specific user journeys to easily diagnose friction points in your user conversations, measure the completion of specific goals (e.g. escalation, purchase, etc.), identify common paths that your users are taking, and obtain the full context a particular user journey by accessing the specific transcripts.

See the real conversation.