SuperBot 2019 Videos



The Future of Voice

User Acquisition & Discovery

Monetization Strategies

Brands Leveraging Conversational Interfaces

Optimizing Customer Service with Chatbots

Investor Insights


BBC Kids: After Takeoff

The Future of Ambient Assistance with Will Hall

AI Persona Creation with Scott Ganz

Traditional vs Conversational Analytics

Best Kept Secrets to Deploying Assistants with Nico Acosta

Reimagining Message UI with Slack

Designing Chatbots with IBM Watson

Standardizing Enterprise Solutions with Derek Roberti


Ben Parr / Octane AI

Christian Brucculeri / Snaps

David Browning / NBA Digital

Fang Cheng / Linc

John Frankel / ffVC

Lisa Vigar / BBC

Mihai Antonescu / Mercedes Benz

Nick Schwab / Invoked Apps

Paul Jackson / BBC

Scott Ganz / Intuit

Sergio Passos / Take

Will Hall / RAIN

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