SuperBot 2020 Featuring Joanne Chen

Joanne’s passion for technology developed early, when her mathematician dad and computer
scientist mom taught her how to program. By the time she was nine years old, she had turned
her skills into a business and made her first webpage for a client.

Joanne began her career as an engineer at Cisco Systems and later co-founded a mobile
gaming company. She also spent many years working on Wall Street at Jefferies & Company,
helping tech companies go through the IPO and M&A processes, and at Probitas Partners,
advising venture firms on their own fundraising process. She was an angel investor for two years
at Hyde Park Angels prior to joining Foundation in 2014.

Joanne is on the board of TubiTV, FoxEye, SafelyYou, Findera, and observes the boards of Mya
Systems, Custora, and Localytics. She has also invested in Oasis Labs, Brightback, Teamable,
CaptivateIQ, and others.

Meet Joanne at Superbot 2020, the Premier Chatbot and Voice Assistant Conference, March 31st in San Francisco

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