SuperBot 2020 Featuring Michelle Mullenax

Michelle Mullenax is the Product & UX Lead for the Innovation Team at the American Red Cross. Her practice focuses on conversational artificial intelligence, which leverages the power of natural language understanding and processing in the form of chatbots, Alexa Skills and Google Actions, Siri and interactive voice response (telephony). Michelle believes in the transformative power of artificial intelligence and its ability to further the mission of the American Red Cross. Prior to her role on the Innovation Team, Michelle led multiple teams at the PwC-Google Alliance, which developed products that specialized in artificial intelligence/machine learning for large enterprises. Michelle earned her MBA, with a specialization in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, from the NYU Stern School of Business and BA from the University of Colorado Denver.

Meet Michelle at Superbot 2020, the Premier Chatbot and Voice Assistant Conference, March 31st in San Francisco

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