Tour: Retention and Engagement


Understand the stickiness of your chatbot or skill. Compare new user retention vs existing. View daily, weekly, or monthly retention rates. 

DateNew Users1 Day2 Day3 Day4 Day5 Day6 Day
June 4th 20172010.0035.0030.0025.0025.0010.00
June 5th 20172437.5050.0020.8329.1716.674.17
June 6th 20172920.690.0013.7917.240.003.45
June 7th 20174632.6119.5713.044.352.174.35
June 8th 20175724.5619.301.751.751.757.02
June 9th 20176726.872.990.0019.4028.3617.91
June 10th 20175313.211.8918.8711.329.4318.87


How often and for how long are your users interacting? View sessions per user, time per session, as well as messages per session. Filter based on audience segmentation.

Sessions per user

Time per session

Messages per session


The definition of a user can be quite different from web and mobile as chatbot and voice apps can be asynchronous, which leads to the concept of active vs engaged users. 

Active users are ones who have received a message, while engaged are ones who have sent a message.

Lifetime Users

See how your user count has grown over time.


Sessions can active or engaged depending on whether users are responding or just receiving messages.

We support multi-user sessions, like in Slack, where multiple users are interacting with a bot in the same channel.

Time of Day

Dashbot shows usage based on times per day and days of the week. 

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