Accelerating Lead Generation and Conversion: How Ylopo Unleashed the Power of Dashbot

Transforming real estate marketing through data-driven bot optimization

Ylopo is a leading digital marketing agency focused on empowering small real estate businesses with cutting-edge solutions.


Discover how Ylopo, a digital marketing agency for real estate businesses, achieved unprecedented success in lead generation and conversion by harnessing the power of Dashbot's Conversational Data Platform. By leveraging actionable insights from customer interactions at scale, Ylopo revolutionized its SMS bot performance, improved intent accuracy, and streamlined its operations.

Key Metrics

  • Increased implementation across realtors from 5% to 50% within 6 months
  • Achieved over 20% improvement in conversion rate for scheduled calls
  • 3x productivity of their data science team saves over $250,000 in resource costs by automating work

The Challenge

Ylopo faced several challenges in its quest to maximize the lead generation rate, which was only 9%. They needed a better understanding of intent performance, ways to scale their intent model without relying on additional manual model graders, and an accelerated rollout of their bot to more customers.

The Solution

Dashbot provided Ylopo with a data-driven solution to optimize its bot and overcome challenges. By tracking new intent creation, improving intent accuracy, and providing visibility into critical metrics, Dashbot empowered Ylopo to monitor and enhance its bot program's success. Ylopo used Dashbot to automate tasks that would have required an additional full-time data scientist, allowing Ylopo to focus on innovation and scaling their operations.

The Results

Using Dashbot helped Ylopo to realize substantial improvements in their bot program: 

  • Within six months, Ylopo increased implementation across their realtors from 5% to an impressive 50%. 
  • Dashbot tripled the efficiency of its data science reporting. This dramatic improvement translated into significant cost savings, exceeding $250,000 in resource costs. 
  • Ylopo also achieved a 35% conversion rate for scheduled calls, demonstrating the effectiveness of their data-driven approach. 

Other key metrics, such as hot lead engagement, showed substantial improvement, further validating the success of their bot optimization efforts. Ylopo's success story illustrates the power of Dashbot's Conversational Data Platform in optimizing bot performance, improving lead generation, and driving business growth. 

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