Actionable Bot Analytics

Increase user engagement, acquisition, and monetization through actionable bot analytics.

Now supporting Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant

Messages Processed

Gain Insights

Understand how users interact with your bot

Increase Engagement

Increase user discovery and acquisition

Build a Better Bot

Improve AI response effectiveness and conversational flow through analytics

Support for:


Users, engagement, retention, demographics, and more!

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Bot Specific Metrics

Sentiment Analysis, Conversational Analytics, Slack Teams, Multi-User Sessions

We handle all the unstructured data and processing including images, audio, and more importantly, users’ own words

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Funnel Analysis

Follow message flows to improve AI response effectiveness

Live Transcripts

View transcripts in real time including all the rich media – videos, audio, locations and more

Everything is archived!

Live Person Take Over

Insert a live person to take over chat sessions and lead to conversion

Easy to Integrate

Integration is easy – send us a copy of every incoming and outgoing message and we will handle the rest.

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