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Turn your unstructured chatbot data into immediate action. Identify unhandled and mishandled intents. Improve escalation and failure rates by more than 30%.

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What is Conversational Data Cloud™?



Identify behavior trends, patterns and insights from your own conversational data to build the highest performing bots.

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Measure the health of your chatbots related to fallback, purchase/conversion, escalations/failures, engagement, retention, or CSAT/NPS.

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Improve underperforming KPIs (abandonment/conversions, escalation/containment rates, sentiment, user satisfaction).

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Why Dashbot?

Our AI-driven data cloud digests and translates all your transcripts across all conversational sources and channels. You then have a centralized view of all these conversational paths to optimize your chatbot’s performance and increase ROI.

We are the only company to surface patterns with mishandled and unhandled intents to improve NLP engines, leveraging our proprietary Conversational Data Cloud™.

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Conversational Performance Index

Sign up today for a free assessment of your chatbot and learn how to improve its escalation and failure rates by more than 30%. See the 3-month cost savings from a detailed analysis of your data - number of users, failure rate, number of escalations and applying recommended optimization tactics.

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Dashbot Integrations

Connect to all your conversational data sources in minutes.

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"Dashbot empowers content people to be able to tell stories with those numbers without having to pester a data scientist for them."

Nicholas Pelczar

Senior Content Designer

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"We wouldn’t have been able to implement that feature this quickly without Dashbot."

Stephen Keefer

Senior Software Engineer

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