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The dark data problem

Structured Data

The amount of customer interactions a business gets is increasing over time.  But existing analytics + BI solutions were developed over a decade over, and are designed to only analyze your structured data

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But did
you know?

Unstructured Dark Data

Up to 90% of the data that businesses collect is called Dark data, mostly unstructured conversational text such as emails, support tickets, customer survey responses, call transcripts, etc — which is unstructured, unanalyzed and unusable by the business.

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Dashbot’s solution

Using the power Dashbot, you can process, analyze, and visualize dark data to extract value for stakeholders across the enterprise

Dashbot Capabilities

Data Processing

Connect any customer interaction data source such as voice, chatbot, SMS, or other text data. Dashbot processes this unstructured data to make it useable for the first time

Analytics and Insights

Dashbot empowers smarter, insight-driven decisions with fast, flexible, intuitive analytics.

Data Enrichment

Explore unstructured data effortlessly with AI-generated context, extract themes and insights, and gain deeper understanding with topic clusters.

Transforming Conversations into Clear Insights

Dashbot leverages and unifies this data you already have, to give you a 360 view of all of your customer insights to accelerate business decisions.

Instantly access enriched insights such as Predicted CSAT and Customer Effort Scores, Categories & Reasons, Outcomes, and more.

omni-channel conversational data

Insights across the enterprise


Open-Ended Survey Insights

Unlock the reasons locked in the open ended feedback portions of surveys. Move beyond surface level CSAT scores and discover the “Why?” Behind your customers decisions and comments.

Chatbot / Live Chat Analytics & Optimization

Automatically extract topics, intents, training phrases, entities and more from your own historical data. Monitor and configure custom success KPIs, and set alerts of underperforming KPIs.

LLM Conversation Analytics

Monitor the behavior of your LLM chatbot including its accuracy and ability to stay within its guardrails. Visualize and understand how your LLM is actually interacting with your knowledge base.

Automation Opportunity Scores + Assessments

Analyze historical agent conversation data to determine areas of automation opportunity and calculate ROI of automation before deploying a bot or IVR.

Omnichannel User Journeys

Visualize full user journeys, quickly identifying common flows, frustrations, and anomalies with transcript-level detail.

Contact Center Conversational Enrichment

Analyze conversations across your Contact Center (support tickets, agent calls, etc) and leverage enriched insights to optimize performance

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Conversations are the lifeblood of your business. Get customer insights and signals with a window into your dark data.


Why Choose Dashbot?

Learn why businesses world-wide trust Dashbot to help unlock real business value from their customer interactions

support costs

  • Run data assessments on historical data for AI implementations to reduce agent costs
  • Improve bot & self-service automation performance to reduce agent escalation for automatable use cases

Enhance customer experience

  • Instantly discover actionable insights, trends & themes in survey responses and customer interactions
  • Combine your CX insights with other metadata to unlock new customer signals
  • Tie financial impact to CX insights to quantify + prioritize action


  • Have all siloed data stored in one place and see the full customer journey
  • Accelerate digital transfomation though omni-channel insights
  • Inform strategy on highest ROI to deploy automation
  • Have one data platform to work cross-functionally on customer interaction data

SOC2 Compliant

We uphold the highest data security standards with SOC2 compliance

ISO 2701 Compliant

We uphold the highest data security standards with ISO compliance

GDPR Compliant

We uphold the highest data security standards with GDPR compliance

PII Redaction

PII redaction libraries are available for your teams to redact PII

Penetration Testing

Continuous penetration testing monitored & audited

Cloud or On-Prem

Options available for cloud or single tenancy requirements

Infinitely Scalable

Our infrastructure is purpose-built for scale & performance

Data Deletion

Upon request, we can delete all of the data ever sent to you

MSA’s for Enterprises

Master Service Agreements available for all enterprise clients

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Web Events

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What people say about us

Dashbot is key for us to both report outcomes to the business and prioritize where to dedicate resources to enhancing our customer journey.

Maureen O'Sullivan, Program Manager at Dropbox

The partnership with Dashbot has been instrumental in supporting our remarkable improvements in our self-service performance and customer journey optimization.

— Director of Speech Science & Analytics at Concentrix