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  • For most startups and brands building chatbots, voice skills, and other conversational interfaces for themselves.

Agency Plan

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  • For agencies building for multiple clients who need multi-user access, cross client comparisons, and co-branding


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  • For enterprise brands who need additional customizations, SLAs, exporting capabilities, and multi-user accounts

Plan Comparisons

Free PlanAgencyEnterprise
Conversational Analytics
Transcripts (live and archived)
Message, utterance, and interaction funnels
Unhandled and exit messages
NLP / Intents, entities
Sentiment Analysis
Message clustering
Phrase clustering / NLP Optimization
Engagement & Retention
Cohort retention (daily, weekly, monthly)
Engagement (sessions/user, time/session, messages/session)
Users (active, engaged, returning)
Lifetime users
Top users
Locations / locales
User Behavior
Message, Intent, utterance funnels
Exit messages
Behavior flows
Conversation paths
Goal Funnels
Comparison Metrics
Cross channel metrics
Alexa rankings comparison
Industry Benchmarking (users, messages, retention)
Tools to Take Action
Live Person Takeover
Broadcast messaging
Audience Segmentation Builder
Multi-user accounts
Co-branding (logo, vanity url)
CSV Export
Export API
Custom Reports
Custom SLA
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