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Dashbot's Conversational Data Platform pulls in multi-channel conversational data to make it actionable across the entire organization

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Understand "what" your customer said and "why" they said it, at scale

Most businesses have a good understanding of what their customers did (opened an email, clicked on a link, purchased a product, etc). But most businesses don't have an understanding of what their customers said and why they said it. Across your entire organization, uncover the hidden insights behind what your customers are saying to drive business impact and improve your Customer Experience.

Pain #1: 
Most conversational data is "dark" and unstructured

Up to 90% of the data that businesses collect is "dark data" — unstructured conversational data that is unusable.

Pain #2:
Difficulty understanding the full customer journey

Your customers have conversations across multiple channels, but it's challenging to unify this journey.

Pain #3: 
Difficulty extracting actionable insights at scale

With so many conversations coming in from different channels, how can you automatically extract insights to take action on for the business?

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Your VoC program is failing
Uncover the 'Why' Behind Your Customer Feedback

Understanding the "why" behind your CSAT and NPS survey results is vital in the world of customer experience. However, manually analyzing thousands of open-ended survey responses is time-consuming, resource-intensive, and challenging to maintain over time. 

Benefit #1: 
All of your CX data at your fingertips

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Benefit #2:
Automated insights from unstructured surveys

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Benefit #3: 
Difficulty determining an action plan to improve CX

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Expand your VoC coverage

Customer conversations are typically siloed in different tech stacks, in different teams, throughout the entire organization. By unifying your data siloes, your organization can extract insights from ANY interaction with a customer at scale


All of your CX data at your fingertips

Dashbot's conversational data platform not only unifies all of your different data sources, we do the transformation of your unstructured conversational data so you can simply have all of your CX data at your fingers to monitor, analyze, and act upon.


Finally visualize the full customer journey

Integrate your CX channels and see the full multi-channel customer journey for the first time to begin optimizing the user experience. When a customer goes from the chatbot, to live chat, then escalates to a live agent, to then communicating through email — you can now stitch it all together.


No-code data tools to extract insights at scale

Eliminate the dependency on your technical resources to pull data and insights for you by utilizing our no-code, flexible, and intuitive data exploration tools. Slice and dice your data in many different ways, to get down to the important conversations.

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