We are data pioneers in the frontier of language.

We are on a mission to decipher language, which is the most complex type of data that ever existed. While virtually every other application of A.I. is trying to understand the world around us (e.g. computer vision), Dashbot is harnessing the power of Conversational AI to understand the world within us (i.e. intention). 


Our story

The company's first product was a chatbot analytics tool to help businesses & developers monitor important analytics on their chatbot initiatives. Over time, we realized that we as a society were headed toward a pivotal technological inflection point around Natural Language Technology, and that our work around processing this new type of Conversational Data could accelerate this technology wave.

After processing billions of messages for our customers and continuously improving our ingestion + transformation process for Conversational Data, we've evolved our mission towards taking a data-first, platform approach to helping enterprises unlock the endless possibilities hidden within their Conversational Data.

Company values

We've deliberately defined our core values together as a team, so that we all have ownership and accountability over how we behave + make decisions especially as we scale.

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Have A Bias For Feedback

Get feedback fast, embrace the spirit of experimentation, and own your failures

Always Play The Long Game

There are no shortcuts here - we value long-term thinking and being optimists.

Everyone Is A Driver

Whatever your role, be a leader in it. There are no passengers on this bus.

A Culture Of Openness

There is no place for toxic egos here. We value transparency, trust, collaboration, respect, and fairness.

Clarity & Courage Of Communication

Can you clearly communicate what you think, and can you say the hard things?

We Serve Humans, Not Bots

Don’t forget, our customers are the humans that are powering the bots! (Skynet is not here...yet)

Remote work
Join us from anywhere in the world. Dashbotters are global.
New York
San Francisco
Rhode Island

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