Voice & Chatbot Analytics

  • Optimize Response Effectiveness
  • Understand User Behaviors
  • Increase User Satisfaction, Engagement, and Monetization

Support any conversational

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Traditional Metrics

Reports on traditional analytics metrics:

  • Engagement and Retention
  • Cohort Analysis
  • Users and Sessions
Traditional Metrics

Conversation Specific Analytics

Build insight via conversational data specific reports:

  • NLP response effectiveness
  • Top Messages and Intents
  • Conversation paths
  • Live Transcripts
Conversation Specific Analytics

Tools to Take Action

Take charge of your insights with actionable tools:

  • Live person takeover
  • Alerts & triggers
  • Broadcasting messaging
  • Phrase clustering
Tools to Take Action

Comparison Metrics

Compare and measure across multiple channels:

  • Cross channel comparisons
  • Industry benchmarking
Comparison Metrics

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