What is dark data? A window into your conversations.

Dark data is all the unstructured voice, chat, SMS, email, and other textual data created by organizations.
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Have you ever stumbled upon a box of old family memoirs in your attic, filled with memories and stories from the past? Just like those precious photos and family history records, your conversational “dark data” holds valuable insights and information about your business operations and customer interactions. 

While collecting vast amounts of data through multiple channels is nothing new, not utilizing it to its full potential is a common realization for many companies.  However, it's never too late to start unlocking the secrets of your dark data and gain a deeper understanding of your business and customers.  

Dark data is defined as the 80% of organizational data that is largely unstructured including audio, text, emails, PDFs, and documents. Realizing its value is like finding a treasure trove of information about your family history, and having your grandma on speed dial to reveal the stories behind them.  Like all good stories from grandma, dark data discoveries can help make informed decisions for the future.

Be the first in your industry to tap into dark data

With 90% of the world’s data generated in just the last 2 years, a majority of it is unstructured and untapped dark data, floating around in the deep abyss of lost conversations.  Conversational dark data can come from call-center transcripts, text messages, survey responses, customer reviews, emails, documents, and more.  

While some companies have started to manually sift through this data, most are still unaware of the hidden gems they are sitting on.  Here’s the opportunity to be the first in your industry to tap into the insights contained in your conversations as a source of truth for customer-centric decision-makers. 

Double down on seeking the truth behind conversations

Not all stories have happy endings, just like not all customer conversations are rainbows and butterflies.  In fact, most are awkward or frustrating (from both sides) and sometimes even filled with minutes of silence before getting routed to someone.  So, what’s changed? 

Having an omni-channel experience was just the beginning. Now that organizations have caught up with experimenting with opening up more engagement channels, it’s created the perfect storm for more friction points for customers- and your employees. Whether the interactions are handled by an agent or a bot, or an automated knowledge management platform, dark data makes it possible to reveal the truth behind those conversations and interactions- and what made the difference between a positive and negative experience.

Build a data-first foundation for future automation

Unlocking the secrets of dark data requires a shift in mindset to lay a foundational layer for collecting, processing, and understanding your conversational data across all your channels, beyond it remaining as just an archive of unused information about digital interactions.  By leveraging AI and machine learning to auto-process your conversational dark data, you can quickly uncover customer trends and signals that would otherwise stay in the dark.  Once discovered, they can be used to improve customer experience and provide automation solutions to better serve your customers and agents.  

Benefits of dark data for Customer Service, Marketing & Product Leaders

Understanding how to reveal the secrets of dark data can be a valuable resource for leaders who strive to be change-makers.  For customer support leaders, it can reveal the top customer service frustration topics through ingesting transcripts, chat, and bot data, allowing them to proactively train their agents with context for recurring complex requests and automate high-volume contact center requests.  

For marketing leaders, dark data can identify positive or negative trending topics from social and blog data, giving them the intel to proactively drive relevant and targeted marketing campaigns based on customer preferences. Product leaders can also tap into dark data to access product feedback for top issues and enhancements from social and chat data, proactively improving their product roadmap with new capabilities or products advised by their customers. The possibilities to discover the impact of dark data are endless. 

Dashbot, a window into dark data

Conversations are the lifeblood of your business, and what someone says about your brand is a direct reflection of their personal experiences with your company and its employees. In an era where we have the technology and desire to improve what isn’t working, the opportunity to get it right can impact your customer acquisition, retention, and ultimately revenue.  

Our passion for understanding customers and language is what inspired us to create Dashbot’s window for conversational insights.  It unlocks your dark data’s full potential.  While you may not have been searching for this treasure trove, or never knew it even existed, you may be surprised by the stories and wisdom of the past with a peek through the window.  

Unlock your dark data with an expert to understand your top topics around customer experience frustrations. 

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