Leveraging conversational data: Dropbox's CX self-service transformation with Dashbot

How Dropbox unlocked hidden insights to accelerate an effective self-service program

Dropbox is a leading provider of cloud-based file storage and collaboration solutions.


Discover how Dropbox, a leading cloud-based file storage and collaboration solutions provider, partnered with Dashbot to revolutionize their digital customer service. By leveraging Dashbot's Conversational Data Platform, Dropbox gained actionable insights from their conversational data, enabling them to automate service requests, optimize their bot's performance, and improve the overall customer experience. Explore how Dropbox harnessed the power of dark data to accelerate growth in digital service innovation while reducing costs and enhancing customer satisfaction.

"Dashbot is key for us to both report outcomes to the business and prioritize where to dedicate resources to enhancing our customer journey."

— Maureen O’Sullivan, Program Manager at Dropbox

Key Metrics

  • Reduced unhandled bot conversations by 43% while chat volume increased 15x
  • Achieved 3x self-service adoption for "Account upgrade" topics, decreasing service costs
  • Expanded bot's use case to more complex service topics and automated onboarding within one year

The Challenge

Dropbox faced multiple challenges in its customer service operations, including:

  • Managing a high volume of service requests across live agent chat and email, requiring automation through a bot and self-service digital experiences.
  • Inefficient processes for manually analyzing the bot's customer journey, relying on time-consuming drawing and reviewing of diagrams.
  • Limited visibility into the customer journey hindered their ability to effectively manage and optimize bot conversation flows to meet service goals.

The Solution

Dashbot's data-driven development strategy enabled Dropbox to unlock the power of its conversational dark data and transform its customer service operations. With Dashbot's omnichannel data platform, Dropbox connected its bot's conversational data and gained instant access to actionable insights. Dashbot's advanced machine learning automatically processed raw chat transcripts, identifying top customer support requests and revealing commonly asked questions. By visualizing customer journey flows and leveraging the data-driven approach, Dropbox redesigned its bot and self-service experience to deliver proactive digital service.

The Results

The collaboration between Dropbox and Dashbot yielded impressive results:

  • Increased self-service adoption for "Account upgrade" topics by 3x, decreasing service costs.
  • Achieved a 43% decrease in unresolved requests in the bot, even with a 15x increase in chat volume.
  • Expanded self-service automation to more complex service topics like "implementation" within one year.
  • Launched new bots in specialized support and automated onboarding experiences driven by proven business results and improved team productivity.

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