A Data-Driven Approach to Customer Service Automation

Improving a health insurance marketplace's digital experiences

A state-based health insurance marketplace that helps increase access to health insurance services for new and existing policyholders.


A state-based health insurance exchange partnered with Dashbot to improve its customer service experience. They aimed to streamline the process of understanding insurance eligibility and application submission, making it a seamless digital experience for English and Spanish speakers. Dashbot's conversational data platform analyzed tens of thousands of chatbot interactions to identify gaps in the application journey, providing insights that led to significant improvements in customer satisfaction.

"Whether it's additional training that needs to take place or if it's going back to the conversation designer, to make the content itself more enticing, Now we know what we need to do to decrease that drop off so we can get the consumer to the goal of journey flow."

"You're going in blind without Dashbot."

— CX Manager

Key Metrics

  • 2 weeks: Implemented a new self-service use case using Dashbot, reducing required resources by approximately 25%.
  • Nearly 100% containment rate for key intents; self-service adoption in bot increased 5 times.
  • Dashbot's Flows feature: Gave direct insight into consumer journey, enabling effective identification and addressing of drop-off points and daily customer journey improvements.

The Challenge

The exchange faced a high volume of common service requests across live agent and email channels that this organization could automate with a self-service chatbot to lessen demands on agents. However, complex processes required to qualify and verify applicants for subsidized policies created a significant barrier to automation. Persistent and difficult-to-identify friction points often resulted in incomplete applications and unanswered questions.

The Solution

Dashbot provided a solution that allowed the exchange to unlock its conversational dark data to more easily identify pain points in its chatbot flows. The solution helped them develop a process-oriented approach for improving their automated support to provide citizens with quicker access to information about health benefits and coverage plans. Dashbot's solution offered valuable insights into the user journey, helping to understand the top reasons for agent escalation and overall customer satisfaction.

The Results

The partnership with Dashbot significantly improved the digital consumer journey for the health insurance marketplace. The implementation of Dashbot's solutions resulted in the following outcomes:

  • Reduced time to launch a new self-service use case with a bot
  • Increased users opting into the self-service experience
  • Increased containment rate for key intents within the bot
  • Leveraged Dashbot for continual improvements to the customer journey

These results highlight the power of Dashbot's solutions in driving meaningful improvements to the speed and efficacy of automated support channels.

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