Reducing CX operating costs & improving customer experiences at a Fortune 100 insurance provider

Leveraging omni-channel insights to prioritize CX improvements

A Fortune 100 insurance company that provides personal, business, and other insurance products to US and global markets.


Facing challenges like high customer effort, escalating support costs, disjointed service experiences, and poor agent productivity, the insurance company turned to Dashbot. This transition enabled them to proactively craft customer service strategies, leveraging omnichannel insights to enhance customer experiences. With Dashbot, the company accessed previously untapped insights, refined agent performance, and identified new use cases. Optimized chatbot interactions have since boosted customer satisfaction and minimized manual interventions.

"There's a lot of variation in these conversations… but you're able to derive that this was all involving scheduling appointments, and it seems spot on."

"The initial tree map, the level that it's at. That's the 50,000-foot view we need to figure out what's going on out there." 

— Data Science Business Partner

Key Metrics

  • 600% ROI in 18 months
  • $1.13M saved through effective CX automation & optimization
  • $2M spending savings on building a bespoke BI solution

The Challenge

The customer journey for this Fortune 100 Insurance Company is complex and disconnected - it spans email, chat, phone, SMS, chatbot, and self-service website. Additionally, the journey must be flexible to account for shorter interactions (questions, support) and more in-depth claims management.

The Solution

Dashbot automatically transforms and visualizes the data across the sources to provide the CX team insights to monitor and improve the customer experience:

  • Omni-channel visualizations - map the journey and monitor the paths to desired outcomes
  • Sentiment and predictive CSAT at scale -supplement customer-provided feedback with what they said and what happened during the journey
  • 50K foot view of the customer voice and highlights areas that need improvement, and quickly dive into those data sets

The Results

  •  More comprehensive & accurate voice of the customer
  •  CX teams have better outcomes, and managers have the data to train and support their teams properly
  •  Chatbot usage increased with positive CSAT
  •  Enabled faster execution and real-time control
  •  Improved team productivity with reduced agent burnout

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