data with Dashbot

Cognigy is an advanced AI platform for building and deploying chatbots and virtual assistants with powerful analytics capabilities.

Integrate Dashbot with Cognigy to elevate your chatbot analytics with deeper insights into user interactions, conversation effectiveness, and user sentiments. This partnership empowers businesses to optimize chatbot performance and improve customer satisfaction.

Key Benefits:

  1. Preferred in Analytics: Cognigy recognizes Dashbot as the preferred Conversational analytics tool.
  2. User Journeys: Gain detailed insights into chatbot interactions for refined conversation flows and visualize the customers journey with the chatbot.
  3. User Engagement Metrics: Monitor user engagement patterns and identify areas for improvement.
  4. Sentiment Analysis: Understand user sentiments in real-time to tailor responses for higher satisfaction

Addressing Cognigy's Limitations:

While Cognigy offers a comprehensive chatbot development platform, integrating Dashbot provides advanced analytics to fill the gap in detailed analytics and sentiment analysis, enhancing the effectiveness of chatbot interactions.

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