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Kore.ai offers an AI-powered conversational platform that empowers enterprises to build and deploy intelligent virtual assistants for seamless customer interactions across various channels.

Dashbot's Integration with Kore.ai for Advanced Conversation History Analytics

Integrate Dashbot with Kore.ai to elevate your conversation history analytics, providing deeper insights into user interactions, conversation paths, and engagement metrics. This integration enriches Kore.ai's capabilities by offering detailed insights into conversation trends, user sentiment, and engagement patterns, empowering businesses to optimize bot performance and improve customer satisfaction.

Key Benefits:

  1. Comprehensive Conversation Analysis: Gain detailed insights into conversation history for refined conversation flows & user journey's through visualizations and in-depth conversational analysis.
  2. User Intents & Engagement Metrics: Monitor user engagement patterns and identify areas for improvement. Identify intents clearly and export JSON files to re-train you bots missed intents.
  3. Sentiment Analysis: Understand user sentiments in historical conversations to tailor responses for higher satisfaction.

Addressing Kore.ai's Limitations:

While Kore.ai offers a robust bot development platform, integrating Dashbot provides advanced conversation history analytics, filling the gap in understanding user intents and re-training bots to enhance the effectiveness their engagements.

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