data with Dashbot

Open-source framework for building conversational AI.

Dashbot's integration with Rasa enhances chatbot development and analytics by providing in-depth insights into conversations and user interactions. This collaboration brings advanced natural language processing and analytics capabilities to Rasa's robust chatbot framework, enabling developers to fine-tune chatbot responses and understand user needs better.

Key Benefits:

  • Conversation Analysis: Dashbot analyzes chatbot interactions for improved engagement strategies.
  • Multi-bot Dashboards: Visualize all of your chatbots in one place surfacing up metrics and conversational analytics
  • Feedback Loop: Identifies areas for chatbot improvement based on missed intent analysi

Addressing Rasa Limitations:

Rasa offers a powerful platform for chatbot development but integrating Dashbot can provide enhanced analytics and insight extraction from user conversations, offering a richer understanding of user interactions. By unlocking the insights from your chatbots conversations with Dashbot you will be able to better design new chatbots and continuously improve them after launch.

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