The hidden gem of conversational data is in the NLP data model of your bot.  Because your conversational data is unique to you, always increasing, extremely complex, and constantly evolving - your NLP model can use every bit of automation boost to increase the chances of precision.

Hyperfocus on your NLP
NLP Next Best Actions
NLP Pre-check

The ML2 Approach

We call this a ML2 approach. Optimizing your optimization with a double engine.  What does this mean? Your data scientists have more time to focus on innovation initiatives and your customers will save their time when your bot hits the mark on their intention for engaging with you.  It’s a win-win.

NLP is our specialty as we treasure the value of automation

Our intention in building our ML solution is to save you as much development and maintenance time to accelerate your innovation initiatives.  Once you connect your NLP data to Dashbot, Optimize maps out your NLP data model and next best actions in real-time.

Hyperfocus on your NLP

Centralized hub for all your NLP data to dive into each data model auto-organized by intent (vs. event). Start by simply dragging around on the Connectivity Chart to drill down into connected topics.

NLP Next Best Actions

Instantly access automated distribution recommendations & optimize your NLP training phrases and intents in just 1 click.

NLP Pre-check

Continuously optimize your NLP to quality check and fine-tune your data with Dashbot’s advanced ML. Watch your NLP model score calculated and your Connectivity Chart updated with each action you take to preview and re-analyze before you export.


What if you could
automate your NLP initiatives?

Increase NLP productivity & precision

Save time and cost of relying heavily on data science experts with Dashbot’s advanced ML to not only improve your bot performance but also to use your own data for powerful customer insights. Say hello to your in-house AI Analyst.

Increase competitive advantage

Focus on solving bigger problems, quicker and better than your competition.  Spend less time sifting through your data trying to make sense of it, and more time on what matters: using that data to drive decision-making at every level of your org. 

Capture your market as CX Leader

What is your vision for the future of digital experiences? As you continuously automate your NLP and improve customer experience, innovate at speed with new conversation channels and emerging technologies to acquire and retain customers.

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