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Explore the depths of your conversation journey with Dashbot Report. 

Inspired by Google Analytics and our customer feedback from our OG solution for conversational data analytics, Dashbot Report is your complete view into the performance of all your bots and tools.

Dashbot REPORT

With the power of the connected Dashbot platform and Blueprint’s automatic data processing, Report shows your business and technical teams the full picture of your conversation journey to explore where your curiosity takes you to discover something new.


Customize your dashboards

360 view of all your conversation data in a single view with customizable dashboards and out-of-the-box reports.


Map your
journey flows

Easily configure your flows to explore patterns of your customers mapped out by intent to understand your conversation journey at a macro level.  


across teams

Low-code business-user-friendly experience expands growth potential from collaboration across all departments in marketing, sales, service, digital, and development.  


Increase reporting efficiency & impact

Upgrade from emailing spreadsheets to instant access to collaborate on the story behind your data.  Get everyone on board with real-time updates and reports to track chatbot performance, blend data sources, monitor success KPIs, and set alerts of underperforming KPIs.


Understand your full conversation journey

Locate quickly where points of customer frustration occur, the most common flows, points of drop-off, and the associated transcripts for each step.  Decrease your chatbot interaction time from minutes to seconds and cut your average resolution time in half to increase CSAT scores.


Drive business growth

Champion your initiative to lead with a data-first strategy to improve CX and influence the current process of managing conversational data.  Partner with our experts to support your vision for how your data can grow your business with ROI- and a shift in mindset.  In as quickly as 1 month, launch a plan to improve your CX with discoveries about your marketing audience preferences, product feedback, and service topics.

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