Mapping Chatbot Metrics to Business KPIs

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Picture of Henry Hu
Henry Hu
Director of Sales @ Dashbot
Want to know how your chatbot is performing? We’ll show you how to map chatbot metrics to business KPIs so you can track your bot's progress and see where it needs improvement.  Join us as we uncover how to meaningfully track metrics so you’ll never again have to wonder: how to measure bot success.  

Key Takeaways

In this webinar, we’ll cover how to measure your chatbot success with simple metrics to tie to your business goals.  We’ll chat about:

  • Top benefits of setting yourself up for success with a data-driven bot strategy, whether you're just getting started with chatbots or you're looking to take your chatbot analytics to the next level.
  • Truly owning your data and setting your business goals with simple metrics to measure your impact.  Henry Hu, Director of Sales at Dashbot will show you best practices of how to measure success with the SMART methodology.
  • How to easily understand your chatbot metrics for both technical and business teams to quickly take action to improve KPIs for both bot success and customer satisfaction.

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