Visualizing Your User Journey with Conversational Data

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Picture of Henry Hu
Benjamin Reinecke
Full Stack Engineer
Picture of Henry Hu
Henry Hu
Director of Sales
Curious about what is leading to your customer escalations? There’s no need to guess anymore. The secret? Go straight to the source–the voice of your customer. Learn how to improve your user journeys by uncovering the signals your customers are sending you.

Key Takeaways In this webinar, we’ll show you how to understand your user journeys by leveraging conversational data.  We’ll chat about:

  • Key benefits of getting a complete view of your user journeys to understand your customers
  • How to understand user journeys using untapped data sources such as call transcripts, chatbots, voice, and more.
  • How to get context on the sequential steps that lead to escalations and how to dive deeper into escalation transcripts 
  • 3 simple ways to start leveraging your conversational data

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