Mapping chatbot metrics to business KPIs

How to map chatbot metrics to business KPIs and improve chatbots and virtual assistants

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Mapping chatbot metrics to business KPIs

  • Leverage your data to set goals that are both actionable & effective
  • Use the SMART framework to set goals & define the right metrics
  • Discover your signals from your data & take action

SMART Framework: Set your #botgoals to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, & Timebound

  • Specific: Set specific goals that fit your current bot program (consider your use-case and maturity)
  • Measurable: Define the right metrics to measure progress of the goals
  • Achievable: Ensure that your metrics are obtainable and achievable, especially at scale (consider multiple data sources and large data volumes)
  • Relevant: Make sure that your metrics and progress always tie back to the big picture business goals
  • Time-bound: Set timelines and expectations for your goals to prioritize areas of highest impact for your bot

The 3 Steps to build out your chatbot goals & how to measure 

  1. Start with your business goal.
  2. Define the themes of your business goal and think about how to measure those themes.
  3. Define the metrics that match your themes and business goal.

Chatbot Metrics vs. Signals

  • Metrics are defined to measure your themes to your business goal.
  • Signals are produced when you take in context from multiple data sources and allow you to take action.

Discover your conversational data signals & take action

Why Dashbot?

Leverage a data-first approach to building your goals and measuring success

Take action on your data signals for your teams with:

  • Personalized bot training data
  • Customer and employee preferences
  • Product feedback
  • Buyer journey
  • Top Customer Service topics

No matter where you are in your journey, our data experts will partner with you to build a plan to map your business goals & KPIs to show your team’s success.

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