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8x8 is a cloud communications platform providing integrated voice, video, chat, and contact center solutions for businesses to connect and collaborate effectively.

Dashbot's Integration with 8x8 for Chat & SMS Message Analytics

Integrate Dashbot with 8x8 to unlock advanced analytics for chat app & SMS messages, providing deeper insights into user interactions and engagement. This collaboration enhances 8x8's capabilities by offering detailed insights into message patterns, user sentiment, and engagement metrics, empowering businesses to optimize their chat communication strategies and improve customer satisfaction.

Key Benefits:

  1. Message Interaction Analysis: Gain insights into chat app message interactions for refined communication strategies.
  2. User Engagement Metrics: Monitor user engagement patterns and identify areas for improvement.
  3. Sentiment Analysis: Understand user sentiments in real-time to tailor responses for higher satisfaction.

Addressing 8x8's Limitations:

While 8x8 offers comprehensive communication solutions, integrating Dashbot provides advanced conversational analytics, filling the gap in understanding user interactions and sentiments, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of chat communication.

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