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Oracle Digital Assistant


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Oracle Digital Assistant enables businesses to create and deploy digital assistants to streamline customer communications across multiple channels.

Dashbot's Integration with Oracle Digital Assistant for Digital Assistant Analytics

Integrate Dashbot with Oracle Digital Assistant to elevate your conversation analytics, providing deeper insights into user interactions, conversation paths, and engagement metrics. This integration enriches your Oracle Digital Assistant's capabilities by offering detailed insights and a clear path to improving and further optimizing your bot.

Key Benefits:

  1. Comprehensive Conversation Analysis: Gain detailed insights into conversation history for refined conversation flows & user journey's through visualizations and in-depth conversational analysis.
  1. Multi-Bot Analysis: Gain detailed insights across all of your chatbots through Dashbots unified conversational platform.
  2. Sentiment Analysis: Understand user sentiments in real-time to tailor responses for higher satisfaction.

Addressing Oracle Digital Assistants Limitations:

While Oracle Digital Assistant provides a quality chatbot solution, integrating Dashbot augments it with detailed message analytics across all of your bots. This visibility fills the gap in understanding chat message interactions, leading to more effective engagement and user satisfaction.

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