Visualizing user journeys with conversational data

Understanding user journeys and escalations across customer channels

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Visualizing user journeys with conversational data

Key points to visualizing your user journey

  • Connect your conversational data to map out your user journey 
  • Simply configure your flows to visualize and understand your full journey
  • Double click into where in your journey you’d like to explore and learn more context with connected transcripts

Flows, your entire conversational flow

The 3 steps to understand your user journey

Part 1: Start by defining your metrics and begin to capture & surface signals to prioritize based on KPIs that will lead to the highest impact.

Part 2: Identify the root causes utilizing user journeys to determine where users are unable to self-serve.

Part 3: Transcripts provide the full context of the user conversation to understand exactly “why” the user was unable to self-serve. Focus on specific subsets of transcripts that can drive future improvements rather than manually reviewing them all. 

No matter where you are in your journey, our conversational data experts will partner with you to build a plan to visualize your user journey with Dashbot Report.

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