Dashbot & Project Voice 2023: The World of Conversational AI

Dashbot Conversational AI Conference Recap
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Dashbot recently attended the highly anticipated AI conference, Project Voice 2023: The World of Conversational AI. The event took place in Chattanooga Tennessee, bringing together some of the most innovative minds in the Conversational AI industry. Dashbot was proud to attend, participate, and contribute to this exciting event.

The conference was a fusion of ideas and education, with nearly 50 companies showcasing their cutting-edge technologies for voice, text, chat and conversational AI. Hundreds of technologists from around the world gathered to learn and exchange insights on the future of AI-driven communication. Attendees included Shell, Nissan, AT&T, US Bank, Grammarly, Stanford University, Wall Street Journal, IBM, and many others.

Several notable presentations and panel discussions took place during the event, highlighting key advancements in voice recognition, NLP, LLMs, and AI-powered chatbot solutions. These engaging sessions emphasized the increasing importance of Conversational AI for business and generated lively discussions around recent advancements in LLM technologies.

As a leader in the conversational data space, Dashbot played an active role in the conference by hosting the keynote on the topic of "A Window Into Your Dark Data: Finding Customer Signal Within Conversational AI".

Additionally Dashbot showcased innovative solutions, providing demonstrations and engaging with attendees to discuss the potential of AI-driven insights across various industries.

Data Dash was a game developed for conference attendees to participate in and learn about labeling conversation transcripts. Participants were required to label the conversation topic, sentiment, and resolution based on the utterances within the transcript text. This demonstration helped leaders understand the time and effort required by data teams to manually analyze and label data, and how Dashbot's solutions help automate this important data process.

In addition to participation during the conference, Dashbot hosted an official after-hours networking social called "Superbot". This exclusive event provided an opportunity for conference attendees to unwind, enjoy food and drinks, and build industry connections while exercising their competitive spirit with arcade games. 

Project Voice 2023 was an incredible experience, and the Dashbot team was grateful to have been a part of it. The insights shared during the conference highlighted the immense growth of Conversational AI and reinforced Dashbot's commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible as a leader this space. To see where the team is headed next, follow Dashbot on LinkedIn.

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